TWICE Tzuyu’s Compliment Made Jeongyeon So Happy She Couldn’t Stop Repeating It

Tzuyu was only telling the truth, though! 😘

TWICE‘s Jeongyeon shared that groupmate and friend Tzuyu recently told her she was “the #1 prettiest today“.

Although all nine members of TWICE have been nominated for TC Candler‘s 100 Most Beautiful Faces list, it’s completely understandable why Jeongyeon would be so thrilled to receive that particular compliment from Tzuyu, who is known for her flawless visuals and was voted “Favorite Taiwan Beauty” in a poll of New Yorkers.

Tzuyu’s compliment had Jeongyeon feeling herself so much that she posted three different selfies on Twitter, Instagram, and Instagram Stories accompanied by the comment.

Jeongyeon is, of course, a beauty in her own right, even without Tzuyu’s high praise. Previously, netizens chose Jeongyeon as one of four idols who look flawless both in photos and real-life and she’s been praised for her beauty and fashion choices by ONCEs.

Jeongyeon is beautiful, inside and out, so it’s wonderful seeing her look confident and feeling good about herself!