TWICE Tzuyu’s fresh baseball fashion is catching fans’ attention

Trending girl group TWICE‘s lovely maknae Tzuyu has recently gone viral for her ridiculously graceful shot during archery at this year’s Idol Star Athletics Championships.

It seems that that wasn’t all for Tzuyu because another set of images taken from  recent baseball match have been gaining tremendous attention over the internet for her incredible good looks.

In the photos, Tzuyu was seen holding a microphone while wearing a normal baseball shirt with jeans. The young singer immediately caught the attention of the netizens for her youthful and sporty fashion which started discussions on various social media platforms.

Meanwhile, Tzuyu joins TWICE as they continue to make their rounds in various entertainment programs. They recently wrapped up activities for JYP Entertainment’s 2016 JYP Nation in Japan and appearances on Idol Star Athletics Championships. 




Image credit: as in the pictures