TWICE’s Jeongyeon and Sana Share Adorable Friendship Shot On SNS

Fans say “No Sana No Life” but apparently, for Sana, it’s “No Jeongyeon No Life”.

TWICE‘s Sana celebrated her friend and groupmate Jeongyeon‘s birthday with the release of an adorable friendship photo.


The picture, which was posted on the TWICE official SNS on November 1, was captioned: “Where are you? I want to see you. Happy Birthday. I love you.” The published photo showed Sana being hugged by Jeongyeon while they smile for the camera.

Jeongyeon celebrated her 24th birthday on November 1, the same day the post was made.

In September of this year, “Feel Special”-related activities were held, and in October they held a fan meet in Japan. They also recently carried out a world tour.

Source: wowkorea