TWICE’s Jihyo Opened Up About Her Worry Making ONCEs Want To Protect Her Forever

ONCEs will always love you, Jihyo!

TWICE‘s Jihyo surprised ONCEs when she suddenly chatted with them for a bit through a public group chat!

She caught up with her fans for a bit asking them how they were doing, and asking them what their dreams are.

While chatting with fans, she suddenly opened up about one of the things she worries about.

The idol suddenly asked ONCEs if they’ll still like TWICE when they’re old and wrinkly.

She adds that there isn’t anything bad about wrinkles, but it’s just naturally part of growing old.

Jihyo admitted that it’s one of the things she thinks about.

ONCEs were obviously quick to shower the idol with all the love they can to reassure her that they will always love her.

ONCEs will always have a special place in their hearts for TWICE, and the wrinkles definitely don’t matter!