TWICE’s “NaJeongMo” Gets Super Chaotic While Preparing For Their New York Concert

This trio never fails to make us laugh! 😂

When TWICE‘s Nayeon, Jeongyeon, and Momo get together, things are bound to get chaotic!

TWICE’s Nayeon | @twicetagram/Instagram
TWICE’s Jeongyeon | @twicetagram/Instagram
TWICE’s Momo | @twicetagram/Instagram

The TWICE members have been releasing their TW-LOGs from their US tour on their YouTube channel, and Momo’s vlog was released on May 10.

| TWICE/YouTube

In her TW-LOG, Momo showed what she does in her hotel room, what it’s like getting ready backstage with the other members, and shared footage of TWICE traveling to and from the United States.

While getting ready for the first New York concert, Momo went to hang out with Jeongyeon and Chaeyoung in the green room. Jeongyeon and Chaeyoung suspected that Momo was there to complete her secret tour mission, and Jeongyeon made the members laugh by saying she would ignore Momo.

Momo jokingly said that Jeongyeon only cared about Chaeyoung, and Jeongyeon hilariously refused to be in Momo’s vlog.

Of course, Momo didn’t give up and kept trying to get Jeongyeon to appear in her TW-LOG.

Things got truly chaotic when Momo complained that everyone was talking at the same time, and Jeongyeon and Chaeyoung yelled that they were there first while laughing.

Naturally, where there’s laughs, there’s bound to be Nayeon! She made a sudden appearance and told Momo to “stop trying to be cute.” 

Nayeon made Momo laugh by saying that the point item of her stage outfit was her hairpins, but she wasn’t sure if they would be able to stay on while she was dancing.

Next, Nayeon stole Momo’s camera and pretended to film her own vlog!

Looks like the members have tons of fun backstage before performing for ONCE!

Check out Momo’s full TW-LOG below.