TWICE’s Nayeon Reveals New Pink Hair

Nayeon just dyed her hair pink, and she couldn’t look any more beautiful if she tried!

On the April 5th, Nayeon uploaded a video and two photos to TWICE‘s official Instagram account of herself sporting freshly dyed pink hair! While she’s dyed her hair different colors before, this is the first time she’s tried out pink – and she is rocking it!

Check out the photos and video of Nayeon’s new look below!

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She captioned her two photos “It’s pink everyone?“, and even managed to match her eyeshadow with her new hair color!

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She isn’t the only member of the group that’s just changed her hair color, though! Momo also posted a photo of her newly dyed hair and she’s twinning with Nayeon! With members Dahyun and Sana also having dyed their hair recently, fans are suspecting that the group will indeed be making a comeback with a full album in May. For now, the group is gearing up for a concert in Thailand, followed by another in Singapore later this month.

Check out Momo’s new pink locks:

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Don’t they look great?