TWICE’s Sana Accidentally Hit Momo, Here’s Why Sana’s Reaction Was A Good Indicator Of Her True Personality

So precious!

There’s a reason why TWICE is known for having one of the most genuine friendships in K-Pop!

The girl group recently held a fanmeeting where they met ONCEs face to face. As is usual in TWICE events, the energy in the room was light and fun.

In between segments where they signed Between 1&2 albums, the girls played with the props provided to them. One of the toys they found most amusing was a set of multicolored “swords.” Sana and Jihyo couldn’t help but spar with each other.

While flinging the pink sword around, Sana accidentally hit Momo who was standing right next to her.

She immediately stopped the game and rushed to her fellow Japanese member. Sana raised her hand and gently patted the part of her head that was hit, not unlike what a mom would do to an injured child.

It was a quick way to see just how sweet and kind Sana was. After all, the swords they were playing with were made of bendy foam and not plastic or metal, and so the pain was likely minimal.

She still gave Momo a tight hug in apology, and from the latter’s reaction, there were no hard feelings between them.

In fact, they even sparred together in the exact same way.

Their friendship is the cutest!