Two 11-Year-Old Boys Blow YG and JYP Away On K-Pop Star

On February 5, two 11 year-olds showed that big talent can come in small packages through their performance of ZICO‘s “Boys and Girls” on K-Pop Star 6.

The two 11 year-olds have called themselves “Boyfriend” and consists of Park Hyun Jin and Kim Jong Seop. On the K-Pop Star 6 episode aired on February 5, the two won the hearts of the audience, the judges, and even other older contestants with their charismatic performance of ZICO’s “Boys and Girls”, where they rapped, sang, and danced to the song in perfect sync while exuding the utmost amount of confidence.

Not only did they perform it perfectly, but they also wrote the rap themselves, and seemed to enjoy the stage so much that their happiness spread throughout the studio. As the performance continued, everyone was unable to stop smiling or bobbing their heads along to the song.

In the end, they made it to the top 10 and decided to go with JYP Entertainment for guidance and training in the show.

Watch their awesome performance here!

Source: Ilgan Sports