These Two Female Idols Have the Body of a Mannequin

Idols are known for their impeccable bodies and these two female idols are certainly no exception to the rule with their mannequin-like proportions that make everyone envious.

Standing at around 170cm (or 5’7″), Hello Venus‘s Nara and AOA‘s Hyejeong are two of the tallest female idols in the K-Pop industry and have gained much attention for their perfect bodies and tall figures. With small faces, long legs, and perfect proportions, fans often compare these two talented idols to mannequins.

Check out these photos that showcase their mannequin-like proportions:

Hyejeong would be an outstanding lacrosse player with her height.

Her long legs have caught the eyes of many.

She has the body of a shop mannequin!

It is no doubt that AOA is a group full of visuals.

Legs for days!

Hyejeong’s proportions are impressive.

She towers over many of the other members of AOA.

Nara’s outstanding proportions have led her to fame.

She looks just like a mannequin.

Nara’s beautiful body and blonde hair make her look like a barbie doll.

Nara’s amazing body line is perfectly displayed by her outfit.

Looks like Nara is ready for the runway at all times!

Her white jeans perfectly show off her flawless legs.

Nara has the strong force of a model.

Source: Dispatch