Here Are Two TWICE Reaction Gifs That Will Make You Happy

Two more to add to your reaction gif folder.

Yesterday, the Japanese Broadcasting Corporation, more popularly known as the NHK, shared six TWICE gifs that were basically the perfect reaction image for any occasion.

The famous broadcasting company has been promoting TWICE hard on its Twitter page ahead of the group’s appearance on their program Shibuya Note, which they’ve appeared on previously.

Although they only released two more gifs (sadly, none of Mina yet), ONCEs will be happy to add these adorable Chaeyoung and Tzuyu gifs to their collection.

Chaeyoung’s gif is a bikkuri, or surprised, reaction. This is the perfect reaction for when you find out your album sold 100,000 units in a country you did no promotions in!

Tzuyu’s “sorry” gif is perfect for sending to your friend after you pull a good-natured prank on them in front of your international fanbase.

While ONCEs are sure to be waiting anxiously to see if the NHK will release a gif of Mina, ultimately, the most important thing to them is that she is doing well and taking care of herself.