ENHYPEN’s Heeseung Is A Source Of Happiness For TXT’s Beomgyu—And For A Good Reason

Their friendship has a deeper meaning than you’d think.

When TXT‘s Beomgyu was interviewed for Weverse Magazine, the outlet asked the idol what made him the “happy and healthy” person he’s become lately.

TXT’s Beomgyu | @TXT_members/Twitter

While going into detail about the many parts of his life that have become sources of happiness for him, Beomgyu revealed why his friendship with ENHYPEN‘s Heeseung had become one of those sources.

ENHYPEN’s Heeseung

Since Beomgyu “didn’t have too many friends other than [his] members before,” that all began to change as he grew closer to some familiar faces.

When TXT and ENHYPEN shared a stage that even BTS‘s J-Hope approved of, Beomgyu said he “became really close with Heeseung.” There were things the two idols had in common as well.

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Beomgyu shared how similar he was to Heeseung in their personalities and habits. Beomgyu said, “He’s a funny guy—for one—and we go to bed at similar times, and we’re both into gaming.

Because of their common ground, Beomgyu became closer to Heeseung than ever before. It also gave Beomgyu the confidence to make more friends that helped comfort him and create those happy moments that make life meaningful.

We grew closer after talking about this and that, and I made more friends one by one, and now we can rely on each other and have fun together.

— Beomgyu

| @TXT_members/Twitter
Source: Weverse