Beomgyu Was Touched By TXT’s Caring Act When He Was Sick

He appreciated what the members did to take care of him.

When TXT‘s Soobin injured himself, Beomgyu immediately went to help him. Beomgyu revealed the members were just as caring to him when he fell sick.


Although Beomgyu exposed the funny reason their doorbell is always ringing late at night, he also shared the positive side of it that left him appreciative of his members. He said, “And well, this can be very touching sometimes.

Whenever Beomgyu isn’t feeling his best, the members leave a welcome surprise outside his bedroom. He revealed, “When I am sick, the members get porridge and leave it in front of my door.

Sometimes they even go a step further by making it even easier for Beomgyu to get the healing food that he needs. Sporting a warm smile, he shared how nice it was of them.

I have never received the delivery myself. The members opened the door on the first floor, received the food, and left them in front of my door or next to my bed.

— Beomgyu

Sometimes, it’s the little things that show how much people care about each other.

Listen to Beomgyu share the “funny and touching moment” about the members taking care of him through his sickness.