TXT’s Dorm Doorbell Is Always Ringing Late At Night, Here’s The Funny Reason Why

Beomgyu spilled all the tea 😂

When thinking of funny moments the group experienced over the year, TXT‘s Beomgyu couldn’t help bringing up one about their dorm. He shared the humorous reason why their dorm was such a hot spot for nightly visitors.


Although Beomgyu is ready to enjoy some peace and quiet after their long days, he revealed that there was one noise he couldn’t escape—even from his own room. He said, “When I lie in my bed, the doorbell rings constantly.” There was a logical reason for the disturbance, though.

After spending all day working hard, the boys of TXT just want to sit back and treat themselves. Beomgyu explained, “We often order late-night snacks when we get home from work.

In fact, they treat themselves to multiple deliveries in one single night. They cover all their bases by getting food from every category.

This time, it’s meat. Next time, it’s ice cream. And then, another dessert.

— Beomgyu

The members order so much food that even Beomgyu can’t keep track of what’s happening. He shared the question that always pops into his mind, “‘Who is it this time?’ I ask.” Beomgyu admitted that the deliveries could be useful, especially when they prepare special ones for each other.

Fans don’t have to worry about TXT getting any unwanted visitors or missing any meals. Now it makes sense why they can post their meals so often on Weverse.

Check out Beomgyu exposing their late-night eating habits here.