TXT’s “Frost” Music Video Was “Hell” To Film, Here’s Why

Hueningkai agreed that it had been rough for them.

During an interview with Seventeen magazine, TXT didn’t think twice when choosing the music video that was the hardest to film. As soon as Yeonjun named “Frost”, all of them reacted in agreement.

Yeonjun even went as far as saying, “Hell!Hueningkai reacted similarly, “Help me!

Though Beomgyu suggested that “Run Away” had been a rough experience as well, they agreed it didn’t reach the “next level” of “Frost”, giving a peek at what set it apart.

All the members agreed when Taehyun explained, “‘Frost’ was so hard, even without any choreography.

Yeonjun pointed out that a lot of the scenes were filmed with stunning “computer graphics” as well, which took more time and detail than simple filming.

Beomgyu also remembered doing “a lot of solo shoots per member,” praising how well the scenes turned out. In the end, all of their hard work paid off with a beautiful music video that even they were impressed by.

See the members look back on how tough the filming was for the stunning video, along with the scenes in question.