TXT Reveal That They’re Huge Fans Of This Western Artist

Do you know who it is?

On an episode of Seventeen‘s “8 Bit Melody Challenge,” TXT revealed a fact that MOAs may not know…

They’re huge Justin Bieber fans!

| @amazonmusic/Twitter & BigHit Entertainment

When they listened to the 8-bit version of his song “Baby,” the group recognised it immediately.

| Seventeen/YouTube

“It’s like the national anthem,” said Soobin, but Taehyun disagreed: “It’s more than a national anthem, it’s like the world’s song.”

| Seventeen/YouTube

They even sang a Korean rendition of the song which Yeonjun enthusiastically danced to. It seems as though not even TXT were immune to the Justin Bieber craze!

| Seventeen/YouTube

You can watch them listen and sing along to “Baby” in the video below.