TXT’s Soobin Goes Viral After Running Into A Pole At The Airport For The Best Reason

Everything Soobin does is honestly too cute!

TXT‘s Soobin is known for his amazing talent and skills. In addition to this, the group leader has gone viral time and time again for his stunning visuals.

TXT’s Soobin | Melon Music Awards

Fans also love his cute and clumsy side that seems to hop out at the most hilarious times…

…and now Soobin has gone viral yet again for an adorable accident.

TXT were one of the many groups that attended the 2022 MAMA Awards in Japan. The group amazed fans with their stunning performance and won the “Worldwide Fans’ Choice” Award, showing off their widespread popularity.

While this year’s MAMA Awards was a two-day event, not all groups stayed to attend both days of the event, including TXT. Fans were able to take in the group’s fantastic airport fashion after the first night of the awards show.

During their departure, the group were greeting fans as usual when Soobin managed to hurt and endear himself to fans simultaneously!

As Soobin walked through the airport, he was waving and saying farewell to fans that had come to see the group off. After a certain point, he began to face backward to be able to see fans for the longest amount of time.

Because he was not looking forward, Soobin walks directly into a pole and nearly falls over. Hilariously, it seems like he apologizes to the pole when he catches his balance!

Soobin continues greeting fans and has to be moved by security to avoid running into another pole because of how focused he was on MOAs.

Later on, during a reply spree on Weverse, Soobin even commented on his little accident, showing off his good-natured sense of humor and that he was totally okay.

| Weverse

Fan: You hit your shoulder on the pole earlier.
Soobin: Ahahahaha You saw that?
Soobin: It’s perfectly fine.

Fans were completely endeared by this cute moment and couldn’t help but express their affection towards Soobin.