TXT’s Soobin Injured Himself, So Here’s What Beomgyu Did

If you don’t stan Beomgyu already, you’ll want to.

Even though TXT‘s Beomgyu is always playing around or being hilariously straightforward, Soobin showed a bit of his sweet side by sharing how Beomgyu took care of him when he injured himself recently.

Beomgyu and Soobin. | @TXT_members/Twitter

During dance practice, Soobin put so much force into his movements that he accidentally scraped his knee. He admitted, “It was scratched up badly.

Seeing how bad his knee injury was, Soobin sent a message in their group chat to ask for a spare bandage to wrap it up. Instead of receiving a response, he received something better.

Despite it being “2 AM or 3 AM,” Beomgyu showed up moments later to come to the rescue. He took a look at Soobin’s injury for himself.

It was very late at night, but Beomgyu suddenly came to my room. And he asked me if I’m okay, and then he looked at my knee. He was like, ‘Oh, you are badly injured,’ and left.

— Soobin

In only ten minutes’ time, Beomgyu “went to a convenience store to get a bandage and an ointment” for Soobin.

Without saying a word, Beomgyu gave the items to Soobin and disappeared once again. Soobin was touched by the sweet act and revealed that Beomgyu has more sides to him than expected.

He didn’t even do it to show off. He just tossed them on my bed and left. I felt [so] touched that I even took a picture.

Beomgyu is kinder than you think. He’s very warm.

— Soobin

Beneath the confidence and silliness, Beomgyu is a sweetheart who doesn’t hesitate to take care of others.

| @TXT_members/Twitter

See Soobin share the sweet way that Beomgyu helped him when he injured himself.