TXT’s Taehyun And Soobin Share Their Reactions To BTS’s “Butter” Music Video

“They looked so cool!”

In a recent live broadcast, TXT‘s Taehyun and Hueningkai made perfumed diffusers and chatted with MOAs. Halfway through, Soobin joined the two.

Fans were curious what the boys thought of their labelmates and seniors, BTS‘s latest comeback. One viewer asked, “Have you seen ‘Butter’?” 

Soobin replied, “Of course!” Taehyun shared that he was so impressed with the music video that he had to message BTS immediately after watching it!


I loved that part… The last part with J-Hope hyung and the elevator scene! They danced just briefly but… I messaged them right away. They looked so cool!

— Taehyun


Soobin has always been very outspoken about how much he admires BTS, especially Jin. He added that just by watching the video, one could tell that BTS were pros!

I could feel their years of experience. They are complete professionals.

— Soobin


Watch the clip below:

Source: TOMORROW X TOGETHER and Image (1) and (2)