A Tiny Detail In TXT Yeonjun’s Teaser Is Hitting BTS Fans Right In The Feels

BTS fans have noticed something that is pulling on their heartstrings.

A teaser for TXT‘s first member, Yeonjun, was revealed to the public on January 11 (KST), and now one tiny detail in it is impacting BTS fans in a big way.

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In this video, Yeonjun plays around in an arcade, games at an internet cafe, and sings karaoke (with an adorable with a bear companion).


Ever since the teaser dropped, fans have been analyzing ever frame, trying to uncover more about TXT’s narrative.

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Out of all of these clues, hints, and references, however, there’s one that’s hitting ARMYs right in the feels: this varsity jacket.


It may not seem familiar to newer BTS fans, but old school ARMYs know it very well. When BTS debuted, the members wore similar varsity jackets with their names printed on the back.


Since BigHit Entertainment’s fashion choices are rarely coincidental, fans believe TXT is paying homage to BTS and their origins.


If so, it’s a touching tribute. BTS uploaded this “Bangtan Bomb” about their jackets six whole years ago!


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