These Are The Types of Women WINNER Wants to Date

The members of WINNER got very detailed in describing their updated ideal types.

WINNER recently guest starred on Lee Hongki‘s Kiss the Radio to promote their new album Fate Number For. One listener submitted a question asking what each of the member’s current ideal type is.

Seunghoon answered first, talking about how he can’t continue saying the same ideal type over and over.

“I’ve always liked women who exercise and are healthy. During our hiatus, I realized that once we comeback, we were going to be asked about our ideal types. I can’t continue saying that I like a woman who exercises and rides a bike, so I thought about what other type of women I like. I like a woman who carries a band-aid in her bag. It’s not something often carried, but when I hurt myself and one of our staff members took care of me, my heart was beating. That’s when I realized that I need someone who can take care of me.”

— WINNER’s Seunghoon

Jinwoo answered next and he talked about how his ideal type is always the same: someone who is similar to him. He was honest in revealing that he likes pretty girls.

Mino revealed that his current ideal type is someone who can eat well.

“I like women who eat really well. Ones who aren’t picky about what they eat. I also like women who can take care of themselves and their body.”

— WINNER’s Mino 

Seungyoon was the last member to answer and his description of his ideal type made all the other WINNER members explode with laughter. Instead of describing some general characteristics of a woman, Seungyoon said that if he passed by a woman and that woman was listening to “Really Really” (one of WINNER’s most recent songs), she would be his ideal type.

Watch WINNER’s guest appearance on Kiss the Radio below: