Tzuyu and Jeongyeon Endlessly Tease Each Other By Doing This

Tzuyu and Jeongyeon  often tease each other in this adorable way.

TWICE are known for their adorable ways of showing aegyo. According to fans, TWICE’s aegyo is at its peak when fans are present.

But their teasing reactions to each other’s attempts at aegyo are even better!

At one fan signing event, Tzuyu began to record Jeongyeon when Jeongyeon smiled sweetly at the camera and held a “V” to her face. The camera then slowly panned towards Tzuyu, who’s reaction to Jeongyeon was hilarious and adorable!

The camera then slowly panned towards Tzuyu joking look of mild disgust to Jeongyeon’s cute side was hilarious and adorable!

At another event, Tzuyu gave their fans a little dance with a light stick and microphone in her hands, but when the camera moved over to show Jeongyeon’s reaction, it hilariously captured her straight face, showing she was highly unamused.

Their comic reactions prove that they are truly comfortable with each other as these reactions can only be seen between two very good friends.

Source: Dispatch