U-KISS Members Were Disappointed By The News Of Eli’s Wedding For This One Reason

U-KISS members Soohyun and Jun talked about what they thought of Eli’s marriage and how they found out about it.

On March 1, Soohyun and Jun visited Eli’s home and family for the KBS program, Mr. House Husband. In the episode, Soohyun and Jun took charge of taking care of Eli’s baby (Minsu) while he prepared a meal for his visitors. Although they struggled to play with the baby at first, the two members eventually calmed Minsu a bit and sang a sweet song for him.

As the program progressed, the members discussed the time when Eli first announced his marriage. Back in 2015, Eli made a shocking announcement on his personal Instagram account and confirmed that he had gotten married along with news of his wife’s pregnancy. It was received positively by their fans, but Soohyun confessed that he was disappointed about the news at first.

“At first, news of Eli’s marriage were disappointing in the way it was announced and the timing.”

— Soohyun

Soohyun made light of the incident, however, saying, “Honestly, there was damage because we’re idols, but if we continue to work hard, our fans will understand in return.”

Soohyun and Eli remain the last two members of the original line-up of U-KISS after Kevin Woo‘s recently announced departure.

Source: Tenasia