U-KISS’s Soohyun And Hoon Guested On “After School Club” And Proved That They Still Got It!

😏They’ve “matured like delicious kimchi.” 🔥

Now that both have returned from their time in the military, U-KISS‘s Soohyun and Hoon are releasing more music together! They have begun doing promotions for their new single, “I Wish.”

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Their most recent appearance was on After School Club. Since their former member Kevin Woo used to be a host on the show, the U-KISS members are certainly no strangers to the ASC studio.


After a five year hiatus from music programs, Seohyun and Hoon expressed their happiness from performing again. 

It had been five years since we were on music programs so it was touching. I wanted to do a lot of things since my military service and I was nervous, but as you can see, a lot of people cheered for us, so we were able to promote. We will continue to come with great music.

— Soohyun

They spent the rest of the hour on the show playing games, talking to fans, and promoting their new song. This is Soohyun and Hoon’s first time as a unit group together. They did confess that they were worried about being lonely while promoting with just two members. Since leader Soohyun has a big personality, Hoon believes this helped make the transition easier.

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They also expressed their comfort with one another. Since they had lived together before, they felt no issues with this transition as a duo. Soohyun and Hoon did tease each other about their differences. During breaks, Hoon wants to hang out and talk with Soohyun while he’s watching animations. Similarily, while Soohyun wants to hang out, Hoon is reading webtoons.


Being that the members are both now in their 30s, they hope to show more maturity through doing a sexy concept in the future. Although U-KISS has done sexy concepts before, they want to show a more mature side in their next comeback. They think that fans will enjoy that. Jamie asked for Hoon to show the audience a mature sexy facial expression and he delivered! They described it as “matured like delicious kimchi.”  


They also danced to a medley of U-KISS songs and totally nailed it! If anyone was doubting, Hoon and Soohyun proved they still got it!

Check out the full episode of After School Club below.

Source: @arirang_ASC