Here’s What A $175 USD Apartment In Seoul Looks Like

This apartment is considered one of the most affordable apartments in Seoul, priced at $175 USD per month.

The bathroom appears to be next to the kitchen behind a door.

It’s a studio apartment, meaning it has one main room that includes the bed, kitchen, and living room.

A staircase is directly above the bed.

While it looks tiny, there are even smaller types of rooms called “Goshiwon”.

A student lies in his cramped goshiwon room. Image Source: Korea Exposé

Goshiwons are a form of cheap, temporary housing for students studying for state bar exams (goshi).

Goshiwons barely have any room for their residents to move around in. Image Source: Korea Exposé

The average rent for a small studio apartment in Seoul is currently $430 but is still relatively small in size.

The average studio apartment in Seoul, South Korea. Image Source: Hello Hawaii

Fortunately, it’s not as tiny as Harry’s room (read: cupboard) under the stairs!

Image Source: Purple Bricks

Source: The Qoo and The Kyunghyang Shinmun