Veteran K-Pop Dancer Picks The Best Male And Female Idols At Dancing

“He’s really great at dancing.”

Hyun Seung, a dancer who has worked with many household names, recently chose the best dancers in the industry that he has seen.

Having danced alongside popular K-Pop artists like EXO, Rain, Park Jin Young, and Sunmi, he definitely knows what he’s talking about!

In a video for YouTube channel What Are You Watching Today, JEROME, one of his students, asked him to pick an idol who is naturally good at dancing.

Teacher Hyun Seung, among the people you’ve seen, was there an idol who was naturally good at dancing?


Without a moment’s hesitation, he picked Kai, EXO’s main dancer!

From the singers I’ve worked with…Kai from EXO. The lines when he dances are really pretty, and he’s really great at dancing.

— Hyun Seung

Although he has yet to work with them, he also singled out girl group ITZY. He admires the way they appear to genuinely enjoy performing on stage.

I haven’t done a stage with them, but the members of ITZY really seem to enjoy the stage.

— Hyun Seung

Afterwards, he even taught viewers how to do ITZY’s famous “shoulder dance.”

Watch the full tutorial in the video below!

Source: What are you watching today