VICTON Was 100% Over ISAC 2020 And It’s So Relateable

They wanna go home.

ISAC 2020 filming has started and VICTON is already ready to go home. The filming is known to take hours, and while spirits are high when they’re playing, the wait time can be gruesome for some artists. VICTON didn’t shy away from showing how tired they were.

They were lying down anywhere and everywhere! From the bleachers…

… the stairs leading up to the bleachers….

… and even the floor!

Some of the boys even ditched their name tags altogether! It’s understandable, it might have been restraining or they might have been sweating, which made it uncomfortable. Fans spotted the name tags on the floor as the boys cooled off.

During the filming, fans were ready to cheer for VICTON even when they weren’t performing. But it seems member Byungchan had other plans. Using his phone, he flashed “Run away!” on his phone for the fans to see, leading fans to erupt in laughter instead.

Poor boy just wanted to rest.

Of course, it wasn’t all tiresome, and the boys loved looking at their fans and being with them. They even cracked some smiles here and there during the filming period, which fan sites were able to catch!

Fighting, VICTON!

Source: Pann