VICTON’s Choi Byungchan Told His Fans to “Go Home” at the 2020 ISAC

He flashed various messages on his phone for fans to see.

The filming of the 2020 Idol Star Athletics Championships recently took place, which was attended by many beloved idols.

Amongst the many stars, VICTON‘s Choi Byungchan particularly stood out due to how he took care of his fans.

After finding out that his fans had been waiting 17 hours just to see him, he expressed his worry for them in his own way.

Choi Byungchan was spotted holding his phone that read, “I don’t want you to have a hard time, too“, “Hurry up and run away“, and “Go on without me“.

His urging of his fans to go home was how he expressed his worry for his fans who waited out in the cold weather, and it just goes to show how warm-hearted he is.

Fans who witnessed this responded with comments such as “Choi Byungchan is such a sweetheart“, “Choi Byungchan is so cool“, and “Both his face and heart are beautiful“.

Source: Insight