VICTON’s Han Seungwoo Completely Wrecked Fans With His Intense Duality On The Cover Of Men’s Health

How can he be so cute on one and so sexy on the other?

Going from cute to sexy (and vice versa) in the blink of an eye, VICTON‘s Han Seungwoo is a serious king of duality.

ALICE always have to keep their guard up for a sudden attack and with good reason — his duality is intense, strong, and almost too much for our hearts to handle!

While Seungwoo has already left us all feeling more than a little attacked plenty of times before, he was recently ready to wreck us all with his duality on the cover of Men’s Health magazine.

Image: @w_o_o_y_a/Instagram

Seungwoo is the new cover model for the magazine’s July 2020 issue and being so sexy and so cute, Men’s Health couldn’t resist dropping two VERY different covers for the month. On one cover, Seungwoo was adorable, charming, handsome, and sweet.

And on the other…  He was intense, fierce, heart-stopping, and super sexy.

Unsurprisingly, the contrast between these two covers has been having a serious effect on fans.

It’s not just the two covers that have fans feeling the effects of Seungwoo’s duality, however. Seungwoo’s adorable D.I.Y video from the other day as well as his own reaction to seeing the cover during a video call event with fans has everyone feeling even more overwhelmed by this duality king!

But that’s Seungwoo for you! An absolute king of duality!