VICTON’s Fanmeeting Size Before Versus After Produce X 101 Will Make You Tear Up

Their popularity is growing!

VICTON recently held their fanmeeting “Voice To Alice” on September 22.

victon fanmeet

With one thousand fans attending the fanmeeting in person and 20,000 watching through V-Live, many ALICEs have been tearing up watching their growth.

They have compared the number of fans from pre-Produce X 101 to post-Produce X 101, noting the big differences.

Overseas Tour

Victon - overseas


Victon - 2017

2018 before Produce X 101

Victon - 2018

Finally, after members Seungwoo and Byungchan joined Produced X 101, the fandom seemed to grow even larger.

2019 after Produce X 101

From Plan M Entertainment

Fans noted that they could have had even more people attending the fanmeeting had their company given them a bigger venue.


Source: Pann
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