Former Wonder Girls Sunye recently spotted singing on stage again

Fans of Wonder Girls were given a delightful surprise as the former member of WG Sunye was seen singing in a recent video.

Former member and leader of popular girl group Wonder Girls’ Sunye was recently spotted performing at a K-Pop event in Toronto, Canada. The event in question was the University of Toronto Korea Week, KPOP Night held on October 14th. Fans were delighted to see the former member of Wonder Girls performing again.

Sunye debuted as the leader of Wonder Girls back in 2007 and promoted with the group for 6 years before she announced that she would be halting all official group promotions. However, she assured that she was still a member of the Wonder Girls. She then went on to marry a Korean-Canadian citizen and gave birth to a child  in 2013. In 2015, JYP Entertainment announced that Sunye has officially withdrawn from the group.

Therefore, this recent video is extra special for fans as it has been a long time since they have seen Sunye on stage. Judging by this video, it seems like she is still as talented as ever as she showed off her skills to the song, “You Know Better Than I.”

Check out the video below!