This Video Of NCT Members Practicing Their Choreograph Will Make You Feel Claustrophobic…

They’re only getting bigger…!

Recently, a fan posted a video clip of NCT on a fan community site pointing out the large room seems so small with all of the members and back dancers combined.

In the video, all 18 NCT members are having a dance practice with their back dancers and you can see it is packed.

The members stand in 7 line formation from wall to wall, barely having a space to move around.

Other fans added funny memes of the number of members growing by the year.

“It’s so funny how everyone in the back is also NCT members. It looks like they’re conquering Japan.”

“NCT choreography practice in 2025”

Fans also pointed out the members moved to a gymnasium to finalize their practice in a bigger space.

You can see the result of their practice here:


Source: Nate Pann