Video Of Actress Seo Hyun Jin Greeting A Mute Fan Proves She’s An Angel

Seo Hyun Jin was spotted talking with a fan in sign language, and it’s the sweetest thing.

Seo Hyun Jin recently had a fan signing event with Daengi Meori shampoo, and video showed her conversing with a deaf fan in sign language.

When the fan approached her at the table, he first gave her a piece of paper without saying anything. After signing, Seo Hyun Jin looked back up at the fan and did the Korean sign for “I love you“.

The fan then requested in sign language for Seo Hyun Jin to sign a baseball, to which she also quickly understood and signed for him.

Netizens in Korea have been sharing this example of Seo Hyun Jin’s beautiful personality online, and praised her for being so caring and considerate to all of her fans.

Check out the video here!