VIXX Fans Love This Part of N’s Body

VIXX‘s N is loved by his fans for his singing, his tanned skin, his angular jawline, and one particular part of his body.

From their cute smiles, to their perfect waist-to-hip ratios, idols are appreciated for many different characteristics, and VIXX’s N is no exception. VIXX fans have taken special notice of N’s derriere and can’t get over how well-defined it is. In fact, N’s ample butt has earned him the nickname “Chabooty”.

Check out these photos that show why VIXX fans have given him his nickname:

N’s tight pants help to accentuate his ample bottom.

N’s tuchus is definitely large and in charge, and fans love it.

Fans love to see N’s booty, and he appears more than happy to show it off!

His skinny jeans help to show off his round butt.

All hail the Chabooty.