Walls Vandalized With Lip Tint Disgust Women In Korea

This is why girls do it.

Women have had enough.

A hot topic in South Korea at the moment is the way some girls wipe their lip tint on bathroom walls.

This happens when girls wipe excess lip tint on the walls after applying it on their lips, similar to the GIF below. They consider it easier than washing their hands or wiping their hands with tissue.

To address the issue, a woman even placed a piece of cardboard on the wall that the girls could use to wipe on instead, entitling it the “tint zone”. It was accompanied by a warning sign.

The sign says,

Please don’t wipe your ‘lipstick (tint)’ on the wall!!! It doesn’t come off so it looks too messy. Please use the toilet paper. Please do <3

Women all over the country expressed their disgust over the act.

Seriously, every time I see those, I get disgusted to death. Just why would they wipe it on the walls…?
It just doesn’t look hygienic at all. Isn’t it better to just wash your hands?
They have the money to buy lip tint but can’t even afford a $1 tissue?

– Korean Netizens


Source: Nate