WANNA ONE Member Reveals Kang Daniel’s True Personality Is Different From What Fans See

WANNA ONE’s Bae Jinyoung talked about Kang Daniel’s true personality, which is different from what fans see on screen or in person.

Bae Jinyoung was asked to analyze his group member Kang Daniel and revealed Kang Daniel is really childish, as he laughs at anything.

“Kang Daniel looks really reliable but he’s actually Kang-choding (childish).

He has a really low threshold for laughter. He doesn’t match my ideas of what to laugh at.”

— WANNA ONE’s Bae Jinyoung

Bae Jinyoung also talked about how he and Hwang Minhyun had gotten closer recently, but how he sometimes overdoes it.

“I’ve recently become much closer with Hwang Minhyun. But sometimes he overdoes it.

The kisses just fly out of him.”

— WANNA ONE’s Bae Jinyoung

Hwang Minhyun mentioned why he shows show much affection for Bae Jinyoung.

“I like skinship. Bae Jinyoung is just so cute, it must have been a burden for him.”

— WANNA ONE’s Hwang Minhyun

Watch the full clip below:

Source: MK Sports