Wanna One’s Jinyoung and Sungwoon’s Used To Be Adorable But Now They’re Sexy AF

Wanna One’s Bae Jinyoung and Ha Sungwoon completely changed their looks by changing just one look, and netizens cannot hide their excitement!

Bae Jinyoung used to have a bright brown colored hair with shorter bangs, which highlighted his youth and cute features.

For their recent comeback, Jinyoung dyed his hair to a darker brown with longer bangs pulled to the side.

His cuteness couldn’t be found when he got the ‘wet hair’ look, epitomizing his new sexiness!

Ha Sungwoon had also maintained his very bright colored hair before, which perfectly matched his adorable personality.

But now, he’s also chosen to go darker like Jinyoung for “Beautiful”.

And fans can’t get over how sexy these idols have become with just one simple change to their look!

Say goodbye to the cute Jinyoung and Sungwoon…

And say hello to the sexy grown men who took their place!

Check out their new visuals for “Beautiful” performance below/