WATCH 1MILLION Dance Studio Cover “Honestly” With Eric Nam

Fans can now dance along with Eric Nam to Tina Boo’s “Honestly” choreography.

Eric Nam fans can now learn choreography for “Honestly” by watching 1MILLION Dance Studio‘s dance cover.


Tina Boo, an instructor at 1MILLION, performed her choreography in-studio, with Eric Nam himself!


The lyrics for “Honestly” tell the story of a man who has grown tired of being in a relationship but cannot bring himself to break up with his girlfriend.


He finds the words “let’s break up” to be too cruel to say, even though he no longer loves her. At the end of the song, he asks her to be the one to initiate the break-up, saying that she too knows that the relationship is over.


The dance for “Honestly” reflects this story. The cover begins with Tina leaning on Eric’s leg as he sings.


She wraps her arms around him, but he pushes her away.


He then sings directly to viewers, relating the story of how the couple in the song got to this point.


Tina and her two backup dancers then join Eric and his dancers…


…and break out into fun, hip-hop choreography for the chorus.


Part-way through the chorus, Tina and Eric throw in this hand movement, which symbolizes the break-up.


Afterward, Eric completely dives into the dance for the rest of the chorus!


During the second verse, the backup dancers go off screen, leaving Eric and Tina to dance out their relationship struggles alone.


Their emotionally-charged dance is like a conversation…


…an argument, that can only end in disagreement.


The second chorus follows the same choreography as the first one, but it takes the energy up a notch. Eric, Tina, and their dancers jump around the studio, pumping up their audience.


After Eric and Tina’s performance ends, other 1MILLION dancers perform the choreography, to show fans that they can learn it too!


Eric’s fans have fallen in love with Tina’s “Honestly” choreography…


..and they can’t get over Eric’s dancing!


Check out the full video here, and try out the dance yourself!

Eric Nam