Watch Jungyeon’s face harden in shock as Dahyun shows off her new aegyo

To most TWICE fans, receiving an adorable aegyo from Dahyun would be a dream come true, for Jeongyeon however, it’s a nightmare.

On an episode of KBS2‘s Music Bank, TWICE took to the stage after successfully winning the show to thank their fans. As other groups entered the stage behind the extremely popular JYP girl group, Dahyun can be seen giving her cutest aegyo to Jeongyeon, who is holding up a bouquet of flowers to the audience.

However, Jeongyeon’s reaction was definitely not what anyone expected, as she immediately dropped her outstretched arms and turned to give Dahyun a cold glare. This unexpected response must have been a huge shock to Dahyun, but thankfully, the two immediately returned to being jolly and playful after the short skit.

TWICE’s senior members are always trying to tease their juniors, who always end up with more than they planned for. At a recent fan signing event, Momo discovered just how easy Nayeon is to provoke, and felt the full force of a hammer as punishment.