Watch These K-Pop Idols Hilariously React To Trying British Snacks For The First Time Ever

Come find out what Dreamcatcher likes and what they really, really don’t.

Dreamcatcher joined YouTuber Kai Mastro to try English snacks that he prepared for them. If there’s anything more fun than watching idols eat… It’s watching them try new things!

Kai explains that he brought a variety of snacks with him, including chocolates and crisps, and he hasn’t tried any of them himself.

Much to SuA‘s dismay, the first snack they tried had cheese flavoring. (She really doesn’t like cheese.)

No, seriously… SuA really, really doesn’t like cheese!

Siyeon observes that the snack is so cheesy it makes her throat tickle!

Overall, the cheese snack was rated a 2.8.

The next thing they tried was something called “Mr. Porky”.

After sniffing at the packet, the general consensus was that it smelled like fish food.

They nominated their brave leader JiU to try it first, because why not? 😂 When they pulled a piece out, they were all shocked and thought it might be an octopus, but after closer inspection, it was, of course, pork!

Once they realized it was pork rinds, everything clicked into place for them.



The pork rinds were a little too hard for them and they kept warning each other to take care of their teeth.

With no hesitation, they rated poor “Mr. Pork” a minus! Not even a zero!

Next, they moved on to an item called “Skips”, which are a prawn flavored chip. The girls observe that this looks like something they could have bought from the stationary store in their youth!

Siyeon looks like she’d rather be anywhere else but there as she stares forlornly at the prawn chips.

Everyone agreed the packaging made it unappealing, and ratings varied between zero to three.

They also tried Marmite, which to their shock was salty and not sweet.

The smell and taste seem to have left something to be desired because they even censored JiU’s reaction to it!



Dami said she loved it, so Kai generously slid the whole bottle to her. 😂 The Marmite was rated a negative ten!

The next item was chocolate and everyone was excited about was chocolates. SuA also comically tore into the box, maybe to relieve herself from the taste of Marmite?



The chocolate was unanimously voted as being a five!

It’s so good!


Next, they tried chocolate stars which Kai said looked like dog food.

The rating for the chocolate stars was somewhere between “so-so” and a ten.

Kai brought out pies, which he said he never tried and was worried about it being “bleh”, but Dreamcatcher seemed confident it would be tasty!

Kai explains that this item is very popular in England and people will buy it months before Christmas to make sure they have it on hand for the holidays.


They just buy it and leave it there so they’re sure it’s not sold out.


Kai appeared to hate it, while reactions seemed mixed among Dreamcatcher. For some reason, they didn’t rate this snack! (Perhaps because they couldn’t come to a general consensus or because Kai’s grossed out face was so funny.)

The girls also took the time to teach Kai how to drink like an idol… That is to say, how to drink from a bottle without letting the rim touch your lips!

Have you ever tried any of these snacks? If yes, do you agree with Kai and Dreamcatcher’s reactions to them?