These Idols Will Snatch Your Heart As They Answer Fan Questions While Eating In-N-Out For The First Time

LOONA’s chemistry and charm is undeniable… Even while they eat.

When K-Pop group LOONA was in Los Angeles, they met up with hello82.

They were asked to answer fan questions and were surprised with a meal composed of food from the iconic fast-food restaurant In-n-Out.

To start, all the girls introduced themselves.

When hello82 host Yeji revealed they had arranged for LOONA to try famous LA fast food, the girls couldn’t hold back their excitement.

Haseul even revealed she did some research on In-N-Out beforehand!

Heejin also shared that in her research, In-N-Out was allegedly America’s number one favorite fast food!

Before bringing out the food, host Evan shared that LOONA would also be answering fan questions while eating.

LOONA was presented with two different types of burgers, including one with the special sauce in it.

Chuu observed that the burgers looked different from what is available in Korea and said it was a bit “intimidating“.

In spite of any reservations they may have had, they dug in and really looked like they were enjoying the burgers…

They really, really enjoyed the burgers.

They observed that Korean burgers tend to be on the sweeter side, while the In-N-Out burgers tasted very fresh and grilled.

When asked about where they wanted to go while they were in California, each members’ response was different. Heejin said that she wanted to go to the desert because there was no such place like that in Korea.

While Hyunjin said she wanted to go to Santa Monica.

Yeojin wanted to go wherever it was they sold chocolate covered pretzels.

Chuu wanted to throw a house party for their fans, as well as to see the Hollywood sign up close.

The next question was what makes LOONA stand out from other K-Pop groups.

Haseul said that they started with Heejin‘s solo debut before making their own debut in units.

Heejin contributed the fact that every member has their own solo album, while Haseul also mentioned that they each represent a different color.

Olivia Hye said that every member has good chemistry, so that’s another thing that makes them special, and that fans love the chemistry between the girls.

Next up, the girls got to try In-N-Out’s iconic fries!

Unfortunately, because the fries weren’t freshly prepared they were a bit clumpy, which left the girls a little shocked.

Evan’s next question for the group was, “Do you guys ever confuse each other’s names?

The answer was yes! Heejin and Hyunjin’s names are very similar, and this was particularly confusing to Vivi as a foreigner. Kim Lip even said it was confusing for them when they were trainees.

Hyunjun not-so-secretly revealed that she also couldn’t remember Yves‘s name!

Interviewer Yeji asked whether there were any unforgettable moments with the twelve of them living in the same house.

Kim Lip shared that there are clean members and not-so-clean members. The clean members don’t have the patience for the not-so-clean members, and will often throw away things out of frustration.

A lot of socks went missing.


Another unforgettable moment was when Chuu fell off the bed. Haseul observed that most people say “ow” when they fall off the bed, but instead, Chuu said “Oh no, I fell. I have to hurry.”

As for which member makes the most funny faces…

It’s Hyunjin and…


The member who doesn’t know how to clean very well…? It’s Haseul!

Vivi even revealed that Haseul left a cheese wrapper out!

Kim Lip also added Choerry and Yeojin aren’t good at cleaning up after themselves. Yeojin defended herself by saying she does clean up after herself, just not right away.

When it comes to which member needs to stop nagging so much, the girls couldn’t agree.

Now that LOONA has tried burgers and fries, they have to try shakes!

While they all agreed it tasted amazing, Hyunjin stunned everyone by saying it tasted like the best version of cold medicine!

Host Yeji told the girls that Americans like to dip their fries in their shakes… And the girls approved!

Moving on, the girls were asked to compliment the person to their right. Vivi said Haseul’s haircut looked so good, it made her want to cut her hair as well.

Haseul said she appreciated Hyunjin’s brightness.

Jyunjin admired Heejin’s hardworking attitude.

Heejin had high praise for Vivi being so smart, particularly the fact that she’s so good at speaking Korean and being a foreigner living in Korea.

Yeojin had a ton of compliments and praise for Choerry, including thanking her for putting up with her clowning.

Choerry complimented Jinsoul for being kind-hearted, reliable, and strong.

Jinsoul said Kim Lip had nice shoulders, while Kim Lip, in turn, praised Yeojin for being so cute and having a small face.

Go Won said that Olivia Hye has a beautiful name, a beautiful face, and is a perfect person.

It’s so wholesome watching the girls complimenting each other.


Wasn’t it fun watching the women of LOONA eat and answer fan questions? They have such an incredible dynamic and natural chemistry that can’t be replicated.

In short, stan LOONA.