Watch SHINee Jonghyun’s Unintentionally Hilarious Reaction To An Earthquake Caught On Camera

Idols are rarely caught on camera when an emergency happens, but such was the case for SHINee in Japan having experienced an earthquake live on air. 

On May 16th, a video on Youtube with the title, “SHINee Japan went to experience an earthquake” has gone viral after it caught the members reacting to the earthquake while on broadcast. As the studio swayed a bit as the recording continued, along with the aftermath of the quakes, Jonghyun in particular expressed quite a reaction.

As the earthquake continued, Jonghyun who was seen standing up, was looking quite a bit startled with his eyes wide open. Embarrassed and confused with the situation, the singer eventually calmed down when one of the hosts asked him to sit down with the rest of the members.

According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, the earthquake originated in the Kanto area in Japan with a 5.6 scale.

The group is currently in the country for their ongoing national tour.

Source: Dispatch