Watching MAMAMOO Solar Playing The Drums Will Probably Freak You Out

This is amazingly chilling.

MAMAMOO‘s Solar has some serious attitude when she plays the drums – and she looks so damn cool and sexy that it might just freak you out a bit.


She performed Justin Timberlake‘s “Sexy Back” at the “MAMAMOO Moosical Curtain Call” concert in 2017 and went down in history as a legendary K-Pop drummer!


She totally nailed each performance with her sexy, fiery energy…


And completely embraced the music.


Managing to look amazing every. single. second.


She was strong, sexy and completely in control.


Her amazing drumming skills, combined with killer dance moves and a rich voice really showcased Solar’s talent.


Fans were a bit surprised because it was such a change from her usual cute image.


But they loved the confident, bad ass Solar just as much!


Watch the powerful performance below:

Source: Instiz