The Way Ryu Jun Yeol Takes Photos With His Female Fans Went Completely Viral

Ryu Jun Yeol takes “fan service” to a whole another level.

Actor Ryu Jun Yeol does something special when he takes photos with his female fans, and it went completely viral online.

In the shared photos, Ryu Jun Yeol could be seen willingly taking photos with fans, but rather than looking into the camera, he stared at his fan instead.

Not only did he stare at his fan, but he also showed a warm smile and looked at the fan in a caring way.

The fans seemed taken aback, but there’s no doubt that their surprise quickly turned into excitement and a pounding heart.

Fans who saw Ryu Jun Yeol’s special fan service responded with comments such as “He knows how to get them in the heart“, “I’d die if I was that fan“, and “That makes my heart skip a beat“.