NCT’s Lucas Loves His Ring From Winwin So Much Taeyong Couldn’t Even Get His Hands On It

Taeyong and Lucas’s funny battle over it said it all.

The bond between WayV‘s Lucas and Winwin is so strong that Winwin gifted him with a ring that symbolizes their friendship, with the ring’s three colors meaning “friendship, love, and family.


When NCT 127‘s Taeyong tried to get his hands on Lucas’s precious ring, a humorous battle went down.

Lucas wearing the ring on his right hand’s middle finger. | Seezn 시즌/YouTube

During one of SuperM‘s group gatherings, Taeyong couldn’t help but focus on Lucas’s ring and tried to take it off for a closer look, or maybe to try it on himself.

Lucas didn’t budge, shaking his head as Taeyong tried to get his hands on it. Taeyong was far from ready to throw in the towel, though.

Lucas even pointed out that Taeyong was wearing his own ring, most likely his couple ring with Doyoung.

When Taeyong looked like he’d given up and laid on Lucas’s lap, he was still hard at work trying to remove Lucas’s ring.

The playful battle between the two had fans amused by their typical shenanigans.

Lucas and Taeyong.

It also showed how much Lucas treasures the ring Winwin gifted him, wearing it whenever he can since receiving it in 2019. If that isn’t precious, what is?