WayV’s Lucas Is Total Boyfriend Material And We Can’t Help But Fall In Love

He took fans on a wholesome and healing park date!

WayV‘s Lucas is known to be a bit of a flirt, constantly throwing his love back at fans like a cute, oversized puppy. And his latest vlog is no different.

| WayV/YouTube

He decided to take Weishennies along on a lovely and healing trip to Chaoyang Park in Beijing, and he exuded total boyfriend vibes in his casual look.

He showed the pretty views while taking a leisurely walk, and made sure to include some hand-holding too.

Watching him soak in the sunshine is enough to warm anyone’s heart, and his simple and pure intentions with the vlog have us going uwu.

He finished off the day with some instant ramen and ice cream on a picnic table in the park before declaring it the perfect day. His peaceful vlog was so heartwarming as he took fans on a date in the park and enjoyed the sunshine.

Watch the full vlog below: