WayV’s Neighbors Called Security On Them, Here’s The Hilarious Reason Why

Hendery spilled all the funny tea.

During one of WayV‘s past fan signings, Hendery shared the humorous incident of how their neighbors resorted to calling security on the group.

Hendery | 威神V_黄冠亨_HENDERY/Weibo

When the group celebrated their Christmas holiday, they were more lively than usual. In fact, they were so loud that their neighbors called security to lower their noise level. The group then did something unexpectedly funny.

Lucas and Hendery. | 威神V_黄冠亨_HENDERY/Weibo

Months after their neighbors complained, WayV did something better than staying quiet. They held an Instagram live where they soundproofed their dorm.

Since many WayZenNis were curious how much noise the boys could’ve been making to earn such constant noise complaints, the group ended up revealing the hilarious commotion they make.

| djxiao_888/Instagram 

When the members mentioned how Yangyang is a little too laidback, Hendery revealed the loud way the maknae gets their attention. Hendery laughed while imitating how Yangyang yells into a microphone, “He was holding that mic, ‘Xiaojun! Xiaojun! Please bring me an iced red tea.’

Winwin cracked them up by explaining that it sounded like Yangyang spoke through a loudspeaker. He explained, “I think he’s that… In a PC room, he’s like the person at the register.

If WayV’s neighbors have to hear the boys shouting through microphones, even fans could understand why the neighbors wished for a bit of peace.

See the group give everyone a hilarious taste of what their neighbors have to handle here.

Source: Twitter