WayV’s Ten And Yangyang Exude Adorable Father And Son Energy 

He looks like a proud dad!

WayV‘s Ten and Yangyang go on a quest to find their personal color for episode five of Enjoy The Challenge!, and we can’t get enough of their sweet father-son dynamic.

| WayV/YouTube

The two of them sat down with a professional, and Yangyang had questions from the get-go. Ten can be seen by his side looking at him fondly as he asked questions, and he even ruffled his hair with pride when Yangyang was told his question was good!

Ten also made sure to compliment Yangyang, speaking out for him to the staff as if he was choosing outfits for his shy son.

He looks like he brought his son in for a haircut, cutely commenting on his first date and even marriage look.

And just like a dad, Ten commented on his youth, saying the hair color reminded him of adolescence.

Watch their interesting journey to find their own personal color with a professional below!