WayV Couldn’t Keep Straight Faces After Xiaojun’s Aegyo Fail

Xiaojun found out aegyo was tougher than it looks.

When WayV‘s Xiaojun finally decided to try out aegyo, he sent his members into a laughing frenzy from the funny mishap that followed.

| SBS Inkigayo

After plotting to crown Kun the best at aegyo to make him show it, Kun cleverly passed the task onto Xiaojun. He didn’t have anything prepared and said, “I haven’t shown my aegyo to WayZenNi yet.

Ten came to the rescue and suggested, “Show me Bella‘s aegyo.” Kun laughed just imagining it.

As soon as Ten called their pet’s name, Xiaojun pretended to be their dog and cutely lay on Ten’s lap. At least, that’s what he planned.

Xiaojun hilariously rolled right off the bench and onto the floor, flailing his legs and grabbing onto Yangyang.

All of them immediately burst into laughter. In fact, Hendery laughed the hardest of them all.

Even when Xiaojun tried a second time after successfully laying on the bench, he cracked them up with his reaction to Ten scratching his belly.

Bella’s natural cuteness just can’t be replicated. Xiaojun delivered his own cuteness through his attempts, though.

Xiaojun and Bella. | Lysn Bubble

Watch Xiaojun crack his members up by testing out some aegyo.