WayV Xiaojun’s Iconic Oreo Cake Makes A Comeback—And It’s Better Than Last Time

Would you try his recipe?

WayV‘s Xiaojun is back with his iconic oreo cake, and he’s determined to make it better than ever.

| WayV/YouTube

His oreo cake first made its debut in his NCT 24hr RELAY CAM, when he decided to make it at 4 AM. He even got Ten to try it, who reluctantly took a bite and was left speechless— but not exactly in a good way.

But now, Xiaojun has brought it back as the second episode in his cooking series The Lonely Master Chef XIAO. The recipe is simple enough, with only two ingredients: oreos and milk.

Then all you have to do is mash it up into a doughy paste, put it into a bowl, and microwave for a couple minutes. And you should get something like…this in the end.

It certainly looks easy enough to make! Watch the whole recipe below: