WayV’s YangYang Thought “Love Talk” Was Romantic — Until Ten Told Him To Read The Lyrics Again

“That’s not who we are!” — Ten

WayV‘s recent live stream on JOOX was full of hilarious moments that included many savage and witty remarks between the members, who are known for having a very chaotic family dynamic. One of those moments was when the members were asked to list their favorite WayV songs, and YangYang opted for “Love Talk.”

Initially, no one seemed to pay his comment much attention, but when he was asked to explain why he liked “Love Talk” the most, YangYang said it was because he thought it was romantic. The members immediately laughed at him and exclaimed in protest. But YangYang continued, saying “Yeah, it’s like, WayV style.”

| @archiveyangyang/Twitter

Ten made it hilariously clear that he did not agree, saying, “That’s not how we are! YangYang, I want you to read the lyrics again and say it later.” YangYang complied, and after quickly scanning the lyrics, he immediately changed his mind.

After reading the lines YangYang then quickly stated, “Yeah, that’s not us! “Love Talk” is not us!

Fans found this hilarious since the lyrics include lines such as…

“Love Talk” lyrics | Jaeguchi/YouTube

and, of course…


Ten and YangYang, as well as the rest of the WayV members for that matter, never fail to get fans laughing. In this case, one has to wonder what was going through YangYang’s mind both before and after he changed his mind. And of course, one also has to wonder how much the members teased him for this afterwards.

You can watch the clip in the tweet below!